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Clarisse was born in the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil.


Inspired by her studies in the Fine Arts Institute of São Paulo and influenced thereafter by the movement that surrounds her, Clarisse is able to capture on canvas colors and motions that exist beyond plain sight. She embraces her very own dynamic expressionism where her indiscriminate use of colors with spatula strokes communicate current inner sensations with great movement dynamics.

Having exhibited her artworks in Europe, South America and in the Middle East, Clarisse continues to paint in her atelier in Dubai where she currently resides.

“Dynamic expressionism is the art of the instinct. The use of unreal colors and dramatic exaggerated shapes give form to human subjective feelings and intensify emotions.” -  Clarisse Meneghetti

CV portrait 2.jpg
Queens Museum of Art – New York City

“In spite of focusing on traditional elements, Clarisse Meneghetti’s paintings do not limit themselves to portrait those figures in a passive way. On the contrary, she is a forceful artist that works her themes with the instrumental of a materic expressionism through the skillful use of brushes and spatulas which impart a strong and sensous texture to the surface. One characteristic of her paintings is the dynamic force that surges from her compositions. We can see how her choice of colors project the energetic component of speed and movement within a poetic and nostalgic concept that reminds us of the vanishing long-cherished customs in the cities of today.”

Eduardo Marceles

Contempo Corporate Art

“She evokes the magnificence of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, its minarets, its domes, its beautiful arcades, the pure White light in, on and around the mosque...


The golden calligraphy on her painting treated as potent symbols, cleverly placed, amalgam more the feeling that her artwork is a visual talk with a different pictorial language. Something visually fresh and full of life.”

Mari Gamarra - Chief Executive

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